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         The science and technology relying mainly on electron , computer information follow the mankind and step into while the 21st century, the industry that moulds brilliance of the rising sun of our honour is welcomed too in a lot of years of undertaking of the fittings trade of the case and bag.In the past few years, under the efforts of the company colleague, under the help that the business circles went together, We are glad to see that Rongxu Suye is developed steadily along the set goal,The proportional enterprise's sales amount increases. As an enterprise run by the local people in order to offer omni-directional case and bag fittings products production, we pass the efforts of the long-term, Rongxu is strengthened by a large margin in offering products ability.Meanwhile , realize the pluralism and even internationalization of enterprises through developing many ways cooperatively etc.. We believe firmly , develop through the grouping strategic objective of enterprises , and the elites from all walks of life one, struggle constantly, make great efforts to develop and produce the Hi-Tech with Rongxu characteristics , high-quality products to present in the society.
         In the management course for many years, we are on the principle that " quality first, consumers first " all the time, studying the advanced marketing idea constantly, survive on high quality, in order to innovate and seek development, while guaranteeing product quality , develop the new products , open up the new market actively, in order to meet demands of the masses of customers , offer more high-quality services to the masses of customers.

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